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Too Short, At 53, Is A First Time Dad

Last Winter, Too Short’s girlfriend gave birth to their first baby, a little girl they named Yani Shaw. The rapper has been keeping the news under… wraps.. until recently. Too Short, his manager and Ray J, all fathers to baby girls, are making a documentary about raising daughters in Hollywood. Read the complete story here.…MORE

Khalid Raises $500K To Help El Paso Shooting Victims

Khalid moved to El Paso during his senior year of high school. After last month’s shooting there, he felt helpless and wanted to do something to help the victims. So he raised half a million dollars with a benefit concert. He’s giving every single penny of the money raised to the El Paso shooting victims.…MORE

R. Kelly Is Not In Solitary Confinement, According To Prosecutors

R. Kelly has a cellmate and has had for awhile, say federal prosecutors shooting down the claim by Kelly’s attorney that the singer is being subjected to “cruel and unusual punishment” in solitary confinement. Officials say Kelly has had several cellmates and as recently as last month, refused an order to take an additional cellmate.…MORE

Kanye West Brings Sunday Service To Cali Middle School

With a little help from his friend Tori Kelly, Kanye West brought Sunday Service to a California middle school. A few of Yeezy’s celebrity friends attended the service as helped the band by getting behind the keys and adding a few samples. Kelly contributed by lending her vocals to a track. Watch their performance here.MORE

Cardi B: ‘I Feel Like Jay-Z Can Bring Back Colin Kaepernick’

Cardi B recently gave her opinion on the partnership between Jay-Z, Roc Nation and the NFL. “I think that he(Jay-Z) could make a change, you know what I’m saying?” “I feel like Jay-Z can bring back Colin Kaepernick. I feel so. I feel like he has that power. I feel like Jay-Z can do it.”…MORE

Jeezy Reveals Tracklist For ‘TM104’

Jeezy has released the tracklist for the final album of his career. Guest appearances include Rick Ross, Meek Mill, John Legend and more. Read more about Jeezy’s last album here.MORE

Cardi B Meets With Bernie Sanders

Cardi B has struck up a friendship with none other than presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and together, they hope to change the course of the country. The singer recently posted to social media, “This man been fighting for equal rights, HUMAN rights for such a long time. Seeing this country become a better place been…MORE