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Justin Timberlake’s Man Of The Woods Tour Grosses $226.3 Million

Justin Timberlake’s Man Of The Woods Tour played 115 dates around the globe and wrapped in Connecticut earlier this month. 1,759,812 tickets were sold which amounts to a final earnings tally of $226.3 million. Find more details about JT’s tour here.MORE

Fetty Wap’s Label Forces Him To Cancel Europe Tour

Promoters say Fetty must finish work on his new album King Zoo before touring Europe. “Our label was insistent that the time was right for Fetty’s new music, so knowing that his fans have been waiting and the label is prepared to release the new music, it made sense to move this to September,” Fetty’s tour manager…MORE

Kerry Lathan Arrested For Associating With Nipsey Hussle

Kerry Lathan was one of two other men shot when Nipsey Hussle was gunned down and killed. Lathan had been out of prison only a few days after serving a 25 year sentence. Lathan, who cannot walk as a result of the shooting, has now been arrested because as a condition of his parole, he was…MORE

TI Dissin’ Kodak Black

TI and Kodak Black are in a rap battle after Tip dissed Kodak. Now Kodak’s firin’ back at Tiny, calling him “b**ch,” “piggy,” and “ugly”. Check out the video here.MORE

Cardi B. Pregnant Again?

Rumor’s are swirling that Cardi B is pregnant again. She’s been staying out of the spotlight lately, so what’s up? Read more here.MORE

R Kelly And His Team Are Pleased With Heated Gayle King Interview

R&B Singer R Kelly spoke with Journalist Gayle King recently about the sexual abuse charges filed against him. The interview was considered “over-the-top” with Kelly becoming “unhinged” when he cried and forcefully protested all charges. “I think he is open to another sit-down at a later date,” King told the New York Post’s Page Six…MORE

Will 6ix9ine Be Released From Prison By The End Of The Year?

The federal case against Daniel Hernandez, also known as Tekashi 6ix9ine, could be coming to an end. Tekashi, Jensel “Ish” Butler, Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones and Kifano “Shotti” Jordan decided on plea deals. Other defendants in the case have not yet entered pleas. Find more details here.MORE